Geometric Invariant Shape Representation using 
Morphological Multiscale Analysis


Morphological Multiscale Analysis

Similarity Invariant Shape Representation

Test Shapes used for similarity representation

Isoperimetric Evolution for (p, b-1 , b1)=(1,-1,1) which corresponds to mean curvature motion

Isoperimetric Evolution for (p, b-1 , b1)=(1,0,1)

Isoperimetric Evolution for (p, b-1 , b1)=(1,-1,0)

Affine Invariant Shape Representation

Test Shapes for affine representation

Surface Evolution for (p, b-1 , b1)=(1/3,-1,1) which corresponds to affine curvature motion

Surface Evolution for (p, b-1 , b1)=(1/3,0,1)

Surface Evolution for (p, b-1 , b1)=(1/3,-1,0)