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XMegaWave. An Image Processing Software. 


Análisis Matemático de Imágenes

Created in 1.991 in the Computer Science Department  at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the main goal of this research group is to explore the applications of the mathematical analysis to a number of computer vision problems. We have also created a window oriented image processing software named XMegaWave which includes most of the algorithms that we have developed in the last years 

Research themes

  • Morphological Multiscale Analysis. Curve Evolution. (DEMO)
  • Morphological Corner Detector (DEMO. Including C source code)
  • Morphological Shape Representation (DEMO)
  • Applications of Partial Differential Equations to Image Enhancement, Image Quantization, Denoising, Image Filtering, etc.. (DEMO)
  • Optic Flow Computation (DEMO).
  • Dense Disparity Map Estimation (DEMO).
  • 3-D Geometry Reconstruction (DEMO) (Software)
  • Computational Analysis of Ultrasound Images of Solid Breast Tumors (DEMO)
  • Multiscale Texture Classification in Natural Images (DEMO)
  • Shape Classification from Fourier Analysis of Orientation Functions (DEMO)
  • Snakes (DEMO)
  • Synthetic Image Generation. Geometry and Art (DEMO)


Organization of scientific meetings:


Scientific leader: Luis Alvarez 








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